LED Street Light GT1A300W

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LED Street Light

Vanguard Double-Coupling IP68 LED Modular Street Light

Product Features
1. Honeycomb effect
It simulates and adopts the burning principle of honeycomb briquette; it is easy to transform the original block
of radiator to various modules, as well as to enable air to convect and fully pass through the gaps between
modules by utilizing the honeycomb effect, thus to remove the heat rapidly, and reduce temperature by around 20 ℃.

2. Full structure heat radiation
It is available to make clever use of module bracket that only play a supporting role, and to transform it to a
“thermal bracket” that is capable of conducting the module’s heat to the light shell as a structural part,
thus to promote the cooling effect of radiator of cooling module, the design aims to fully utilize the surface
area of structural parts to transfer heat to air.

3. Tool-free maintenance
Use special structural design to achiev manual disassembly and installation of lighting components, in consideration
that the high-power lights are generally installed in higher operating environment, the operators require as few tools
as possible for their convenience and security.

4. “Ultra Robust” module technology
Each LED is equipped with bypass protection to protect single-circuit structure of the full connection series, even open
or short circuit fault can’t affect current and voltage distribution of other LED, the other LEDs can work under normal
operating mode, thus extending the life cycle of the whole module.

5. Double-coupling IP68 protection
It adopts screw-free structure to avoid the penetration of water vapor through the screw hole; its double silicon-rubber
rings insulate LEDs with the outside environment completely, thus to eliminate any erosion to chips and PCB boards
from outside.